Irish is an ancient language spoken for well over two thousand years. Today, Irish is the home language of thousands, both in Ireland and overseas. Hundreds of thousands of others, if not millions, have Irish as a second language.

I, Siobhán, would be delighted to give you the brilliant start you need to learn Irish. I began teaching Irish in 2015 and have since gained lots of experience in teaching people of all ages online and in teaching adults in a classroom setting. I hold a Diploma in Applied Irish and Translation. You can find out more about me on my Linkedin profile. If you already have a knowledge of Irish, I would be more than pleased to help you reach fluency. No matter why you wish to speak Irish, be it for school or out of interest or for whatever reason, I can guide you to proficiency.

All you need:
Device with a webcam (webcam is not necessary)
Headphones and a microphone
Skype or Whereby

You can expect to see the following such features during your classes:

Topic-based lessons
Correction throughout the lesson
Digital handouts
Recommended activities

Depending on the student’s individual needs, I use the many features offered by Skype to enhance the effectiveness of my teaching and to simplify the learning process. I can use Skype screen sharing to easily share my visual material with the student during the lesson. The instant messaging incorporated in Skype makes writing and spelling practice during class super easy and convenient.

21 thoughts on “Learn Irish

  1. Hi Siobhán ,
    Dia duit
    I’d be really interested in a lesson with you. I’m in Australia though, would that work time wise ? I have two young children, nearly 2 and 4 using watsap would be easier than Skype for me.
    I look forward to hearing from you.




    1. Hi Georgina,
      Dia is Muire duit,

      I currently have a number of students from Australia so the time difference shouldn’t pose much of a problem, depending on the time of day that works for you. I have sent you an email with the times that I’m available.

      Le gach dea-ghuí,


  2. Hello Siobhán, my children (aged 8 and 10) will be living in Mexico for the next two years and I’d like them to keep broadly up with the progress of their Gaelige curriculum so that they can go back to school in Ireland without too many problems. Is this something that you have experience with? Teaching Irish expat children on Skype?


    1. Hello Clara,

      Nice to hear from.

      I have experience teaching children of primary and secondary school age in Ireland and abroad on Skype but not Irish expat children, so far.

      I would love to help, so feel free to let me know when would suit you best.


  3. Hi Siobhan
    I live in Oregon and I am 8 hours behind you. Would be very interested in studying with you. I can speak somewhat but my skills are rusty


    1. Hi Eileen, apologies for the delay in replying.

      The time difference should not cause any problems. I will email you shortly.

      Looking forward to help you make more progress in Irish!



  4. Hello.

    I am highly interested in learning Gaeilge and possibly learning the Ulster dialect (if possible) because of my ancestral history being from that area, but I have zero knowledge of the language. Would this course be suitable for me?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Abdulhakeem,

      Thank you for getting in touch.

      It’s great to hear that you’re motivated to learn Irish.

      My dialect is mostly Connacht with some Munster and Ulster influences. I have experience teaching Irish to complete beginners, so that would not be a problem. I do not do set courses. Each lesson is geared towards your own individual needs.

      Please let me know what time would suit you best and I will see if I can find a slot for you.



  5. Awesome! I have been trying to self learn with the Living Language series so I know very little. (Dia duit, Fláite, canas atá tú, tá mé go maith, cada is anim duit, is anim dom, tá úll agam, agus slán) hahaha 😆

    At the end of the day yeah, dialect can come after learning the standardized language. At the moment my work schedule allows me to be available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I believe I am 5 hours behind you (Eastern daylight time), I am located in North Carolina, USA.


  6. Día Dhuit a Shiobhainn,
    I would like to study Irish. I have studied some for many years, but I am still at a basic level. I would also like to learn about your availability to help me with some songwriting in Irish. I think my translations are probably quite bad hehe.
    Slán leat


    1. Dia is Muire duit, Michael,
      Thank you for getting in touch. Great to hear that you’ve been learning Irish. I’m available Monday-Saturday. I will email you a choice of times. If you don’t receive any email, please let me know.


  7. Hi Siobhán,

    I’m a complete beginner looking to dive into Gaeilge. I sent you a request for lessons and hope to hear from you soon. 🙂


  8. Hi Siobhan.
    I will be homeschooling my two kids (8yrs and 9yrs)from this September and I need someone with a fluent Irish (we speak two different languages at home) to keep them on track with school curriculum. Can you help out please?


  9. Hi, my name is Shane, I’m originally from donegal, but I’m looking to learn donegal irish as an adult, I learned it in school but forgot everything, but was wondering if you could teach donegal irish?


  10. Hi Siobhan,

    I’d like to learn Munster Irish specifically (I have school Irish). I live near the Kilnamartyra/Ballyvourney Gaeltacht. Do you think you could help me?



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