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Learning a language is not easy, not even for little children who are learning their mother tongue. I am sure you can remember a time when you embarrassed yourself as a child by unknowingly pronouncing a word wrong in your native language and thus leading to guffaws from those within earshot.

Or what of the time you made a hilarious description of something because you didn’t know the word for it? We all make mistakes. The important thing is to not let your mistakes discourage or distract you. More important still is that you learn from your mistakes. Many people seem to be of the opinion that once you have blundered, you will automatically be immune to making the same mistake again.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Most people make mistakes without even knowing it. That’s where your tutor can be of immense help. Tutors do not want to oppress their students by interrupting them endlessly and pointing out all their mistakes and try to correct them, there and then. Nevertheless, any tutor worth his salt will make a mental list of the students major mistakes and then inform him of them at the soonest suitable time. The student, however, must be willing to accept these corrections, even if he is an advanced learner.